When the largest breed journals and horse-show digital publications are hundreds of pages long, you have to do something daring, different, and memorable to catch the judge’s eye. With creative collaboration, we’ll work together to make your ad be the one the judge remembers when he sees you and your horse in the arena at the big horse show. 


It’s pretty incredible that every horse’s face photographs so differently and can send so many different messages. My work catches those intricate, hidden personality traits to make your stud or mare look like the one your customers can’t live without. A testament to the quality and uniqueness of my work: It regularly appears on the covers of leading publications, such as Horse&Rider.


I’ll lie in the dirt, stand in snake-infested water, bottom-out my rental car, even sacrifice my equipment to get the shots that show the heart and soul of your ranch. From the mountains of Wyoming to the Eastern Plains of Colorado, I capture the beauty of the landscape, the harmony of the animals that bring it to life, and the passion of the cowboys and cowgirls who give their hearts and souls to the ranch.